Homemade bagels made easy

First of all – who knew that homemade bagels were so easy?!?! I sure didn’t until recently. I had gotten somewhat tired of spending $5 on a single bag of bagels weekly and when I learned that the only difference between bagels and the other breads I’ve been making is just shaping and boiling them in water for 2 minutes before baking, I had to try it! I’ll be honest though, I first tried a sourdough bagel and it was underwhelming. It was definitely tougher and flatter than what I had envisioned, so my preferred bagel recipe is now a yeast dough.

Top: sourdough cinnamon bagels
Bottom: yeast cinnamon bagels

I have a friend who also happens to make her own bagels and she was kind enough to send me the recipe she uses (https://bit.ly/41ukPXx). Bonus, yeast dough is much faster than a sourdough which means I can make these bagels during nap time and have them done by the time we’re going back outside to play in the afternoon. That’s the kind of “mom win” I like.

I decided to start with a cinnamon bagel since plain bagels just aren’t really my jam. I added around a tablespoon of ground cinnamon to the dough and it worked great. These bagels were puffy, soft, and delicious! They went incredibly well with a brown sugar cinnamon cream cheese I found at the grocery store.

They are seriously so simple. Throw the dough together, knead, rise 1 hour (pro tip: use your microwave with the oven light on as your proofing drawer for a quicker better rise), punch down, shape, rise again for 20 minutes , boil 1 minute each side, bake 20 minutes. DONE.

They are just as good as store bought and come out to under $2 for 8 bagels. I highly encourage you to try making your own! I recently mastered a blueberry version that I’ll share soon too!

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  1. Lauren Cecora says:

    I will definitely have to give this a try! Maybe I can make breakfast bagels for when we have early morning outings!

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